Monday, May 6, 2013

NASYA AMALYNA a.k.a Kendall Jennner!

Nasya Amalyna is my idol. Lol. Actually she is coolest girl at Convent last year. She's so pretty! She not tall and not short. She just nice :) That's why I call her as Kendall Jenner ;p Sporting and craziest sista ever! Hahaha... if you wanna know more about her just follow her at Instagram / Keek / Twitter

Instagram : nasyaamalyna (private acc)
Keek : nasyaamalyna
Twitter : @xxxnsyaxxx

Follow her la ok! Mention her pun boleh.

Btw, follow my acc too :-

Instagram : zarithizzaty
Keek : zarithizzaty16
Twitter : zrth_

Follow me or mention me if you wanna know more about me! Bye! Xoxo

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